Bibliography and Reference
A reading list of books, articles and papers relating to ALP.

Brief Description of Software Resources Used by the Study
Operating system and open-source applications used in production of documents,
analysis, and display of instrument  data.

Yakama Nation Refuses Permit to Work in Closed Areas of Reservation

In Memorium  - Tributes to Dot Sturm and John Lust, Jr.

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Report on the Investigation of Nocturnal Light Phenomena at Toppenish, Washington, August, 1972.
The first report describing the field study conducted on the Yakama Indian Reservation in 1972. The paper was written for a non-technical audience and contains many photographs and illustrations. It provides a good overview of Yakama Reservation ALP events reported over the years.

Investigation of Nocturnal Light Phenomena: 1973 Sighting Reports from Toppenish, Washington.
The second report describing developments subsequent to the 1972 field study.

A Statistical Summary of Reports from the Toppenish UFO Study
The final report, written in 1975, summarizing the results of the field work done between 1972 and 1974.

Nocturnal Light Phenomena on the Yakama Indian Reservation - An Update for People Working and Living in the Area. This report, written in 1997, is a briefing for residents and other people working in the vicinity of the Yakama Indian Reservation.

Joint Field Study with Project Hessdalen and International Earthlights Alliance Researchers
A week-long field study conducted in south-central Washington state in October of 2003.

The Saguenay, Quebec, Earthquake Lights of November 1988-January 1989. An excellent comparative study by France St-Laurent.  (Hosted on this site at the request and by permission of the author.)

Preliminary Report on Magnetic Field Measurments Recorded at Satus Fire Lookout - July, 11, 2001.  This report presents details and preliminary analysis of recordings of possibly anomalous magnetic flux variations, measured at Satus Fire Lookout, on the Yakama Indian Reservation, in July of 2001.

Report and video of a daylight observation made at Yakama Nation Headquarters in Toppenish on August 8, 2002.

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