The year 2006 saw the loss of two important participants in the work of Willard J. Vogel Study. Volunteers like Dot and John help make an organization like this Study function. They both deserve a great deal of credit for the quality of service we try to provide to our constituent Internet and scientific communities.

JOHN C. LUST, JR. JANUARY 25, 1945 – JULY 27, 2006

John C. Lust, Jr, died in an accident at his home on July 27, 2006. John's advice and good
judgement were influential in setting directions for research work done by the Study. He
was an invaluable help in editing articles for these web pages and other Study publications.

His gentle presence is sorely missed.

DOROTHEA “DOT” STURM August 16, 1920 – November 2, 2006

Dorothea “Dot” Sturm, a long time fire lookout for the Yakama Indian Nation, worked with this researcher from the beginning of the Toppenish project almost until her death. She helped serve as my “eyes” into the happenings on the Yakama Reservation. Her observations and notes were always objective and straightforward.

She always kept a healthy sense of humor about the phenomena she observed and reported.
She was also a good friend.

David Akers, Executive Director
Willard J. Vogel Study

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