Professor Erling P. Strand and his associates have been investigating ALP in a valley in northern Norway, which is apparently identical to the phenomena being observed on the Yakama Indian Reservation.  Their work is of high quality and worthy of a careful review.  Visit the Project Hessdalen Web site for details of their study.

The Italian Committee for Project Hessdalen has been established as a private research center, initially aimed at supporting and disseminating scientific research on luminous atmospheric phenomena, with particular emphasis on the Hessdalen Valley in Norway.

Geophysicist Dr. Marsha Adams has established the International Earthlight Alliance to study earthlight phenomena worldwide.

Marfa Lights Research.   Engineer James Bunnell,  has done some excellent work with automated measuring instrumentation and produced some high quality scientific papers describing the physical characteristics of the Marfa Lights.  These luminous phenomena appear to be very similar - if not identical - to some ALP seen in other parts of the world.    

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